GC-219 Pendik / Near Airport /Asia Side

“Modern architecture, unique designs and a stunning view to the center of your life with a balcony that is an excellent architectural project…”

GC.219 Residence Pendik,  makes perfection the subject of your life with its innovative designs used in both interior and exterior architecture.

The modern architecture, complementing aesthetics with functionality, opens the doors of a pleasant life full of privileges to you and your loved ones, while the large balconies designed to enjoy the magnificent sea view allow you to look at life completely. GC.219 Residence Pendik is one of the most special projects of Istanbul with its quality which shows itself even in the finest details.

GC.219 Residence Pendik, with its residential, office and commercial concept, makes the perfect world of your dreams come true with its housing options ranging from 59 m² to 400 m².

If you are an excellent seeker, you know that to achieve the ideal you need to catch the perfect. When life makes choices in front of you, you always run after the best, you want to get the exact value of your expectations. If you are determined to progress on the road to perfection, you will not be content with the less, you will take your search to the end. Because perfectionism is aimed at the highest standards.

As a real estate company always aiming the highest standards, GC.219 Residance Pendik we have built; original architectural design and city brings a new breath with the privileges of Turkey’s most prestigious real estate award of distributing the Sign of the City Awards Competition Ongoing in 2014 in the Projects category ‘Best Multi-Storey Residential Project’ ‘.dülü taking in search of excellence in pursuit of our crowned.

We invite you to take part in GC.219 Residance to enjoy the privileges of an award-winning project.


90.000$ - 1.000.000$


60m2 - 400m2
1+1 - 2+1


January 2019 / Life Started


Prices are approximate and the actual currency rates will be applied on purchase